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Security guru Provide you best security for your home, offices other place. They are give outdoor hidden surveillance cameras for your offices and secure your office without any hesitation. You can’t be available in your office and you checkout everything so just take wireless cameras for your offices then check you the whole thing what’s going on you offices. So just visit Security guru with CCTV Security guru.

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Security Camera Systems

Wireless & IP Cameras

Security Guru IP (internet protocol), wireless cameras and cloud cameras allow you set up a security camera systems without the need to run wires around your home or business.

A wireless security system acts as a visible deterrent to criminals, allowing you to record events at home and monitor staff at work. Some of our wireless cameras also connect to wireless monitors allowing you monitor and record footage from your wireless camera to review at a later date.


If you want to record camera footage offsite, or don’t have the space for a DVR system, the security Guru cameras can record video to a secure cloud server allowing you to review footage without the need for a DVR.

Protect what matters to you with a wireless home security system from Security Guru.

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Wireless Surveillance Systems

Advantages of Wireless  Surveillance Cameras by Security Guru:

1. Wi-Fi based wireless broadband services could be used for public surveillance systems (Surveillance of a locality, street, traffic junctions, etc).

2. Wireless surveillance cameras can be useful in situations where it is difficult to lay cables – Museums, Heritage buildings, Industrial plants, etc.

3. Wireless surveillance system is cost effective (when compared to wired networks involving Fiber Cables, Trenching, etc) to install and maintain.

4. Wireless Networks can be deployed quickly and wireless surveillance can be used for providing temporary Wi-Fi to fairs/ exhibitions, etc.

5. Wireless Point-to-Point back-haul networks could extend the network to more than 5 KM over the wireless medium, if required.

6. Wireless networks are quite secure these days as most of them use 802.1x authentication & encrypt communications using WPA2.

wireless surveillance system

7. Wi-Fi Mesh networks can connect to each other (over the wireless medium) to form a nearly all wireless network in a given location. These Mesh networks allow multi-path propagation & can automatically choose alternate paths to avoid single point (link/device) failure.

8. A Wi-Fi network supports QoS (Quality of Service) parameters to be configured for carrying real-time traffic. Basically, the real time traffic is identified in the network and is given higher priority over data traffic.

9. Wireless IP Surveillance cameras can be moved from one place to another without worrying if cable/network jack is available at the new location. In fact, entire wireless setup (including access points, etc) can be moved to a new location easily and quickly.

10. Mobile video footage capture – Its possible to capture video footage using a wireless IP surveillance camera installed over a police car when it is moving (for example).

11. The quality of indoor wireless cameras could be enhanced by using Wireless Controllers to create and maintain a wireless network.

12. Digital Compression techniques like H.264 & H.264 SVC offer a quality video stream in low bandwidths.

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Security Cameras

Security Guru security cameras come with a wide range of features and technologies, allowing you to record video in HD, adjust to changing light levels throughout the day, and even focus your camera remotely. These features make your camera more powerful and useful, since you can adjust them as needed to fit your surveillance needs.

Physical features of your camera will impact how the video is recorded. A camera iris and image sensor work together to adjust to changing light levels to produce clear video. Other features are found in your camera’s software, like Wide Dynamic Range, which balances the light in a video after it’s recorded, or video compression to allow you to store more files.

Advanced Camera Features

You have many choices to make about your camera’s features, from which type of iris and image sensor you want to what level of HD resolution your system needs. Below you’ll find in-depth explanations of these camera features along with suggestions of the best application for each technology.

HD Analog Technology

An affordable alternative to IP cameras, HD analog cameras combine powerful high definition resolution with analog CCTV technology. This allows you to record video for license plate capture or facial recognition without upgrading your system to use IP technology.


HD Resolution

If your camera will be used to identify people, read license plates, or capture video to be used as evidence of a crime, you’ll want a camera with HD resolution. HD cameras capture video in a larger, clearer format than traditional cameras so you can easily identify what is happening.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

Recording in an area with uneven light, so one area is overly bright while another corner of the room is always in the shadows? Using wide dynamic range (WDR), your surveillance camera can balance out the light in the entire video to make actions clearer and easier to see.

PoE (Power Over Ethernet)

Using Power over Ethernet (PoE), an IP Camera can get power and network connection using a single Ethernet cable. PoE makes it easier to install your cameras since their location is not tied to power outlets, so you can place cameras in the best location for a clear, unobstructed view.

Camera Iris

Light plays an essential part if how a surveillance camera works, and the camera iris is the part that controls how much light gets through to the image sensors. Learn how too little light, and even too much, can impact your camera’s ability to record clear videos.

PTZ Technology

PTZ cameras have the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom, so your surveillance camera has more flexibility than traditional fixed camera. With PTZ features you can identify and follow suspicious action.

Frame Rates

Frames per second, of FPS, is a standard measurement for how many frames your camera records per second. Higher frame rate makes videos progress smoother, important when recording fast-moving objects.

Edge/Local Recording

Whether you use edge/local recording as a backup to a NVR for times when the camera cannot connect, or as the main storage method when recording smaller or fewer videos, edge/local recording allows you to save video files directly on the surveillance camera with a memory card.

Tamper Detection

Using tamper detection settings within your security camera, you can get email or SMS alerts whenever your camera is physically attacked or vandalized, someone attempts to cut the power to the camera, or the camera view is obscured so you know instantly when something happens.

Remote Focus Lens

When you need to adjust the focus of a surveillance camera after it was installed, remote focus makes it easy. This option in many cameras allows you to use software to adjust the focus, so you aren’t required to physically access a camera in a difficult-to-reach position.

Image Sensors

Using the light passed in by the camera iris, the image sensor records the levels of light on each pixel to create your surveillance videos. The new CMOS image sensors allow cameras to clearly record in HD resolution and create videos with fast-moving objects that won’t turn out blurry.

Video Compression

Essential for relaying video within an IP system and for storing video files, video compression codec’s remove or reduce unnecessary files and frames per second without sacrificing your videos image quality. A variety of video compression methods are available for IP cameras.

Vertical/Corridor Format

Using a traditional, horizontally-oriented camera in narrow spaces wastes the camera’s resolution and creates large than necessary files. Using vertically-oriented formatting, cameras can maximize resolution and reduce waste when recording in hallways, stairways, and more.

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Security Guru

Home security Guru Solutions

Home security Solutions

  1. Security Systems
  • Remote controlling of security systems, lights, locks
  • Internet enabled electronic locks
  • Garage door control
  • Water valve sensors: sensors that shut down home main water valve when leaking pipe detected
  • Indoor/outdoor motion sensor
  • Door and window protection
  • Glass break detectors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pet friendly protection
  • 24 hours monitoring form central station
  • Environmental sensors: notify extremities in environment
  • Theft protection sensors: can be placed inside valuables
  • Emergency help: panic pendants, wristbands, belts, key chains esp. For elderly people
  • Vehicles tracking and video viewing
  • Real times alerts
  • Live video footage
  • Alerting on fire threats: wireless smoke and CO detector can alert to evacuate and summon emergency services
  • Digital cameras: indoor/outdoor (Dome/box/PTZ)
  • Perimeter protection: senses sound of breaking glass

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Home Security Guru


SecurityGuru™ is India’s leading security and surveillance systems service provider. SecurityGuru™ was started with a vision and commitment to make advanced security and surveillance solutions accessible and affordable to people of different fields. Today, SecurityGuru™ offers consulting, technology and services of next generation security and surveillance systems. SecurityGuru™ simplifies the issues faced by security professionals and customers while handling latest technologies and bring all the innovative and worldwide products on single platform. SecurityGuru™ strives to implement world class surveillance systems architectures across different domains to ensure people with safer and secure lives.

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